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Grilled herbed free run chicken breast with tangy barbecue sauce, baby arugula, mixed greens, cannellini beans, everything bagel croutons, extra virgin olive oil, spices, crushed red pepper flakes, lemon basil pesto (nut free), white wine vinegar, fresh squeezed lemon juice, everything bagel seasoning (*Dressing will be in a side container.)

June 26: Everything Bagel Chicken Salad for 2

  • Meal Delivery is ONLY provided within the following delivery boundaries:

    • West Boundary: Inland Island Hwy 19
    • South Boundary: Jubilee Pkwy
    • East Boundary: Old Island Hwy
    • North Boundary: Intersection of Orange Point Road & Discovery Drive

    You must choose pickup if you are not within this delivery area.

    The meal delivery charge is $5 per order. As a courtesy to our customers, if you order multiple weeks of meals at once, you will only be charged once for delivery.

    Please provide all pertinent address and drop-off details including a unit number, apartment buzzer number and gate code if applicable.

    We do not deliver to homes with unleashed animals and we do not enter homes.

    Please provide a cooler with ice outside if you are not home for delivery, to keep your food fresh.

  • Our food may contain or come in contact with common allergens. We are peanut-free but not nut-free kitchen. We accommodate GF and DF requests, but we're not a GF or DF kitchen. Cross-contamination is rare but can occur. We can't guarantee 100% allergy-free food. 

    You can learn more about our policies here.


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