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The Good Wife Gourmet Events

Looking to have a great time with friends while learning something new? Whether you want to enjoy a fancy High Tea or learn mixology skills with our Build a Caesar event, we have culinary events for everyone. Our in-person cooking classes will satisfy your hunger for knowledge and flavor, while our Cuisine & Beverage Pairing classes will teach you how to pick the perfect drink to go with your food. Join us and have a blast while trying something new!


High Tea

The High Tea tradition has come a long way in its more than two centuries of British history, but the core premise remains: enjoy dainty sandwiches, stacked scones, and puffed pastries served with a pot of hot tea. No matter how it’s served up, High Tea is a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Gather your favourite gals for this great event!

Build A Ceasar

Show off your mixologist skills by creating your own custom Caesar at our bar. Feeling saucy? Go for a vodka Caesar with a kick, topped with bacon or even a burger. Or, keep it cool with a classic vegetarian Caesar loaded with pickled veggies. Either way, our Caesar class is the perfect place to channel your inner bartender and impress your taste buds. Let's shake it!

Note: Due to licensing, all Caesars prepared in our kitchen will not contain alcohol, unless the event is hosted in a private residence. Client may provide their own alcohol and pour at the client’s discretion in this case.


In-Person Cooking Classes

Get ready to spice up your kitchen game with The Good Wife Gourmet! Our classes aren't just any old cooking lessons, they're culinary adventures that will leave you drooling for more. We've got it all - from traditional dishes to flashy techniques - so you can satisfy your hunger for knowledge and flavor. Whether you're a cooking enthusiast or just starting out, our classes are tailored to suit your taste. Grab your apron and join us!

Cuisine & Beverage Pairing

Want to be a boss at picking the perfect wine, beer, or cocktail to go with your grub? Check out our Food and Beverage Pairing classes. We'll have you getting hands-on with some seriously delicious cuisine and beverage flavours to challenge your senses and perceptions with every sip and bite. In this class we will crush the misconceptions and unravel the mystery of pairing drinks with food like a pro. Hosted in combination with our licensed friends in the industry, Wild Coast Cocktails. Check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook!

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