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Delivery Policy


We make available Meal Delivery Services to addresses within our delivery areas, as specified on our website. The ingredients and number of servings you receive each week (each “Meal Order”) will depend on the selections you make on our website. Unfortunately, Weekly Meal Deliveries are not available everywhere – only in our designated delivery areas. 

Delivery boundaries include:

  • West Boundary: Inland Island Hwy 19

  • South Boundary: Jubilee Pkwy

  • East Boundary: Old Island Hwy

  • North Boundary: Intersection of Orange Point Road & Discovery Drive


We reserve the right to decline to deliver Meal Orders to any address at our discretion, even if it is within one of our delivery areas. 



Meals will be delivered to the delivery address recorded at checkout, by the “Courier” at a pre-arranged date and time.


  1. One attempt at Delivery will be made during the predetermined delivery day and time frame.

  2. Please include all pertinent information for example, such as apartment numbers, buzzer codes or gate codes.

  3. You are responsible for ensuring that delivery at the Delivery Address is safe for the Courier. This means ensuring that stairs are shoveled of snow, there is no ice on walkways, outdoor lighting is on after 5pm during fall and winter hours.

  4. We will not deliver to a house with untethered animals. All animals must be properly restrained. 

  5. We will not go inside of any home at any time. 

  6. If you know you will not be home to receive your delivery from us, please arrange alternate plans or provide a cooler with ice packs for continued refrigeration of your delivery. We reserve the right not to deliver your perishable meals if no cooler with ice is provided.  A refund will not be issued should compliance not be met.

  7. If no one answers the door when the Courier arrives at the Delivery Address and there is no cooler with ice, the Courier will not leave the products at the door and you will be responsible for picking up your meals at our kitchen at a specified time on the same day of your scheduled delivery between the hours of 6pm-8pm. If you do not pick up your meal during these hours it will be donated to the local Food Bank as we do not have the space to store returned items.



Weekly Meal Delivery Orders must be prepaid in full within five days of our issuance of our Quote/Invoice or they will not be processed.




We do not offer refunds on prepaid meals upon cancellation by the customer under any circumstances. We base all of our perishable supply orders in advance on the orders we receive. No exchanges or credits will be issued. 

You will be obligated to pay for any Meal Order that has been processed or is out for delivery and you authorize us (or our third-party payment processor) to charge your payment method in connection with such Meal Order. 



In the event of poor weather (such as snow), force majeure, or unanticipated delivery complications, we will attempt an additional delivery of your order at a different time at no cost to you. If for reasons outside of our control we are not able to deliver your order after such an additional delivery attempt, we reserve the right to cancel and refund your order.

We reserve the right to cancel any orders if delivery is not possible due to staff safety risks. 



Abusive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate cancellation of future orders or deliveries. Repeated non-compliance with the above-noted policies will also result in the cancellation of any future orders, pickup or deliveries at the discretion of The Good Wife Gourmet.

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